About Sancho’s Mexican

Sancho’s Mexican was founded by local business entrepreneur and a team of expert cooks from Mexico: Vicente, Alejandro and Jesus. We work as a team to come up with the tastiest and most authentic Mexican food in Boulder. We guarantee fresh tasting food as everything is made from scratch with the best quality ingredients. Sancho’s Mexican is best known for its authentic style street food, namely our tacos, tortas, and gorditas and our freshly made signature salsas. If you miss the authenticity in the word “Mexican,” then you will find it once again at Sancho’s Mexican. It’s the real deal!

So what makes Sancho’s Mexican different?

It is a number of things… Our food is authentic Mexican food because we make it the same way that food is traditionally made in Mexico! There are many Mexican food restaurants in the Boulder area but Sancho’s Mexican stands alone because we are not a franchise. We are the small restaurant that you tell all of your friend’s about but more importantly we are the only ones who are crafting AUTHENTIC Mexican dishes!


Our salsas at our restaurant are made from the freshest ingredients. We have 5 signature salsas ranging from a mild Pico De Gallo to salsas that will leave you with a really nice burning sensation. In case you don’t know….don’t try to put the fire from these babies out with water instead use our chips and tortillas to quench the burn that you’ll be feeling!


Our hard working staff are always striving to make sure that you have the best dining experience that you can have in all of Boulder.  Many of our customers come back again and again because our staff are friendly and makes sure that they leave with a great experience.

Come on in today! We’re in the shopping center on Spine and Gunpark in Gunbarrel, near King Soopers. See you soon!